johnneedee asked:

How jealous would Stuart be if Kathryn was told by Marvel to write a new NEXTWAVE series?... Sorry, I wanted to ask something relating more to art and process and workflow and inspiration, but those seem to have been covered at one point or another... Neither of you really have to answer this if you don't want to... Keep up the great work, huge fan =)

maisonimmonen answered:

Wait, what’s time again?

OK, since I didn’t write NEXTWAVE, I wouldn’t be jealous in the least. If she has been asked (not told, see previous) to draw NEXTWAVE, that would also be fine… but very unusual. If she had been asked to work on NEXTWAVE and I wasn’t, well, I have a job.

Anyway, I sent this to editor Nick Lowe last week and he liked it, so holy synchronicity.